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Shipping content

 1   Definitions

1.1   the Firm or Company in a country, on whom the Purchase Order is placed and who is to furnish the cargo to Purchaser as per the Purchaser Order  the  contract document between Purchaser and Vendor bearing that  title in which the order is described  and  that  into which all  documents and attachments,together with any  subsequent modification thereto, are incorporated

from the delivery point to the plant site.  2. DELIVERY 2.1    Trade Terms we will  deliver the cargo at the loading port stipulated in the Purchase Order.and based on the contact ,CIF ,send to your pointed port of destination . 2.2   Export License, Permission, Customs Clearance, etc. we will  obtain the export  license  and  other necessary  permissions  for the export of the  cargo  to USA  and  shall  complete  export  customs  clearance  and shipping documents prior to the shipment. 2.3   Packing for Cargo Cargo shall be packed in compliance with Purchaser’s Packing Procedure.

2.3.1 We will comply with documents NO.AD00000EPRO0004-55918. Shipping procedure/ad-00000zpqo0005 packing procedure) 2.4   Arrangement of Ocean Going Vessel The vessel information will be notified and/or arranged by Forwarder after receiving the notice of cargo readiness date by Vendor. 2.5   Completion and Delivery By the delivery date  stipulated  in the  Purchase  Order, the  cargo  shall be manufactured,   tested,   inspected,  packed/marked,  custom-cleared and delivered in good order and condition

2.6   Insurance contract delivery condition at Vendor‘s cost.

 3.    SHIPPING MARK 3.1    Shipping Mark The shipping mark shall be clearly stenciled on surface of packageIn case the package does not have sufficient space for the  shipping mark,(We will refer to table :letter sizes of shipping mark)

 3.2  Package Number In principle, the package number within the main shipping mark of each package we will attachment the mark ,the mark style is base on the buyer design.

. 4.    SHIPPING INSTRUCTION 4.1 Submission of Shipping Documents ,it is make by seller on time. 4.2   Delivery  a.Port Delivery Instruction .Port delivery instructions shall contain the following information:

 1)      Name of Vessel and Shipping Agent

2)      Designated pier and port

3)      Date and time of pier delivery  4)    Other information as required or requested by the VENDOR to  complete the standard shipping note. 5. SHIPPING DOCUMENTS 5.1   refer the Purchaser proforma packing list (including equipment/material lists)5.2  we will send the B/L to buyer on time ..  

5.3    all the document we will send by express .a)  One   set   of   original   Bill   of   Lading   

b)  Signed commercial invoice in one(1) original and one(1) copy

c)  Packing list in one(1) original and one(1) copy



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