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Packing introduction

Packing introduction

1.   Definitions  A purposeful product handling, storage. Protective packaging and delivery process at the same time to prevent product damage, deterioration, loss, etc., to provide qualified products for the purpose.

2 Application: completed the manufacture of finished products.

3 Department of duty

3.1 Biotechnology Biotechnology Division is responsible for manufacturing finished products processing and preservation protection, and storage for finished products with the transition.

3.2 is responsible for the finished product warehouse receipt, custody, protection, packing and shipping.

4 Manager

4.1 product handling

(1) Department of Biotechnology products manufactured in the handling of work completed, you can use cranes, forklifts and trucks carrying vehicles, special car transport and handling tools, without vibration or shock to the product pollution and destruction.

 (2) cranes, forklifts and trucks the operator must have the operation status.

(3) warehouse receives products from the Ministry of Health Technology and is responsible for its move into the warehouse or venue (product placement office)

(4), shipped from the factory to the customer's product handling, warehouse transportation services commissioned by the appropriate manufacturers to carry out.

 4.2 product storage and packaging products, storage products

4.3 refers to the preservation of the original to maintain qualified status of products, the implementation of measures to ensure the preservation of the exact product is not bad, not damaged. Product testing or operation of the pressure test after passing the Department of Biotechnology placed to take effective protective measures to pay.

 4.4 the packaging of products in the custody of the product in order to prevent pollution and damage, etc., make the following protective measures. Product No Blind cover nozzle seal with the sealing form.

4.5 Storage

4.6 product storage safekeeping product according to the following:

(1) keeping a place of representation and the prohibition of unauthorized;

 (2) organize care and protection of products;

(3) to maintain product identification logo and the state logo.

. Packaging and shipment of products under the marketing department of the warehouse 5.1 to the "Contract Plan Sheet", commissioned by the product shipment preparation. Reference (to accept the flow of orders to product shipment) in products shipped to the appropriate period, as required for proper transport of product protection.

5.2 under the marketing department of the warehouse lead time to arrange appropriate transport company, commissioned by the product handling, storage and arrangements for its compliance with recognized places as designated by the specified date of delivery.

5.3Marking shall be per ASTM specification listed chloride containing inks and paints are prohibited for use on stainless steel and alloy pipe

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