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Hydro-static test management procedures

Hydro-static test management procedures

1. Objective:

To test the hydraulic test pressure parts strength and sealing performance of key projects. To make the test right click "order", "standard" to ensure the safety of the tested products and formulated systems.

2,the condition before hydraulic.

2.1 the pressure must have the conditions before the test in the hydro-static test of

2.2The water used shall be free of sediment. Water having a turbidity greater than 10 NTU should be filtered. Acceptable filters include media filters such as sand filters or sand/anthracite filters, membrane filters (5 micron or less), and cartridge filters (5 micron or less). The pH of the water shall be between 5.0 and 10.5

2.3 If hydro-static testing is conducted as part of a maintenance activity and equipment will be placed into service within 72 hours, draining and drying is not required unless the chemical process requires the equipment to be The supplier shall submit to the owner for approval the identity of corrosion inhibitors added to the hydro-static test water.

2.4 The total time that the water can be in the equipment is three days from start of fill to empty and dry. When the time limit cannot be met, contact an owner representative and request input from an owner materials engineer, or comply with the requirements of the following paragraph.

3.where the operators, must go through technical training, strict examination to meet the requirements of the personnel engaged in this work.

3.1 Where a hydro-static test, the security staff should be in the field monitoring, site supervision and inspection inspector.

3.2 Hydraulic equipment should be in good condition, the choice of working pressure of the pump pressure should be greater than the pressure test.

3.3 The hydro-static test must be selected qualified two regular check gauge, and should be proofread or periodic verification certificate, the pressure gauge accuracy, range, dial diameter, consistent with "order", "standard" requirements.

3.4 Hydro-static Test, press the "Practice" and "product test," the required test pressure and packing time regulations.

3.5 pressure test of seamless steel tubes and related nondestructive testing shall be qualified after inspection items. The need for heat treatment of components and pressure parts hydraulic pressure test should be conducted after the heat treatment.

3.6 pipe full of water pressure components are not allowed to use temporary closures, the bulge on the pipe joints or the blocking plate should have sufficient strength, blocking the board of the weld should be closely and reliable.

3.7 pressure test site must be a reliable security measures.


4, pressure test

4.1 pressure test program should be filled with water before the pressure clean the internal components, internal air filled with water should be drained.

4.2 After the sealed water-filled, the pressure to perform according to standards, step-up to the specified packing pressure should be checked, no water leakage in compliance. And we will comply with ASTM B862 section.15 .hydro-static test.

4.3 pressure test in order to protect the safety of personnel, under the pressure of the test should not be near any pressure test equipment. Products to be reduced to working pressure, the inspectors can start checking.

4.4 If water pressure during the leakage or other quality conditions found by inspectors in the leaking part coloring markers. Water pressure test, developed by the responsible engineer of repair programs.

4.5 after passing the pressure test should be slow to turn on the water until the pressure gauge dropped to 0 after all the water drained away, using compressed air to blow water damage clean.

5. Hydro-static test reports and Liability

5.1 pressure test shall be issued after passing the pressure test report. The test data, the content should be completed fully. Report should be signed by inspectors, inspection and audit come into force responsible engineer and archive. Fill in product quality and test results certificates.

5.2 The operator should be made at part number, serial number good operating record.

5.3 The inspector should pressure test and the operator responsible for the quality process.

 5.4 PED certified products related to foreign standards required by the appropriate test pressure calculation.

6. Related records pressure test records

7. Relevant documents GB/T241-2007

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