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EN1092-1 Titanium stube end and Flange

 Titanium stub end  of EN1092-1

Frist: introduce .

Baoji Lyne Metals Co.,ltd is specialized in producing,marketing and new product developing,it has been well

known as an integrated enterprise.The company is relies on the "China Titanium Valley"as a strong comprehensive strength.

efficient resource sharing; With unique geographical, material, scientific research advantage to provide users with a large

number of high quality rare metal products.

Titanium pipe ( Welding and seamless pipe)

The standard :  ASTM B338   and  ASTM B861    For seamless pipe  the size :   <OD 114MM   (DN100  ) is the seamless  .

The standard : ASTM  B862   For welding pipe  The 
Argon gas is used for argon arc welding Called : TIG  or  MTIG  .

We can offer GR1 ,GR2 ,GR5 ,GR7 ,GR9,GR12  ....Grade .

Titanium Fittings  

The standard : ASTM B363   and  ASME B16.9  is the common standard for oversea client . We also offer 

EN 1092-1   Titanium stub end and Flange  .

( 90 Elbow   (SR & LR )      ,   Tee  ( Equel & Reducer)    ,Reducer (  Concentric   &   Eccentric   )   ,

Stub End  ( LP  & SP )    ,  Flange (  Blind ,Plate ,WN ,SO,....)  ,Wedolet    ,Nipple   ,Coupling    )

We can offer GR2 ,GR7,GR9  ,GR12......Grade .

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